About us

Global Phone Wireless has been providing consumer electronics, cell phone services, and repairs to the Jackson City in Mississippi region. Over the years, as popular consumer electronic products have evolved, our client base has also evolved and expanded. In addition to serving our local community with warranty and non-warranty repair services. Our clients include some major consumer electronic retailers internationally, as we receive service and repair orders from all over. We do repairs for Samsung and Apple phones. The phone companies sell LG, Motorola, Samsung, Apple, ZTE, Huawei, HTC, OnePlus


We pride ourselves in providing our clients with valuable solutions and services that are effective and cost efficient. It is for these same reasons that extended insurance companies and consumer electronic retailers work with us.


After serving our local community, we have seen the increasing and changing needs of our non-warranty repair services. With the experience we have gained from working with service orders from diverse clientele, we are extending our expertise in consumer electronic product repairs to serve, in addition to our local community, everywhere the internet reaches.